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During Courageous Collaboration sessions, Missouri Bar Past-President Dana Tippin Cutler discusses how our implicit biases impact the legal profession and provides a step-by-step guide for how firms can engage in group work and efforts to induce change when it comes to issues such as race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. If you are ready to address your own biases in order to create real solutions for your firm or organization in our profession, request a presentation for your group.


What is Courageous Collaboration?

Test your implicit bias

We all have our biases, good and bad, which influence our decision-making and relationships. An important step in Courageous Collaboration is encouraging all participating team members to take several of the Project Implicit self-tests (hosted through Harvard University) pertaining to implicit bias, such as those concerning gender and race. Once we identify our own implicit bias, we can come to the table as our authentic selves and then adjust our internal barometers of what is right and fair. It is at this point we are ready for Courageous Collaboration.

Courageous Collaboration Checklist

  • Select a facilitator
  • Secure participants
  • Identify concerns to address
  • Coordinate a date
  • Have participants test their biases
  • Set up a safe space
  • Outline the identified concerns
  • Discuss the results of self-tests
  • Run to the Roar
  • Facilitate discussion
  • Discover solutions
  • Develop timeline for solutions
  • Move forward together

Schedule a Courageous Collaboration Event

You’re ready to embark on Courageous Collaboration in your firm, but you’d like some help. 2016-17 Missouri Bar President Dana Tippin Cutler can help guide you in your Courageous Collaboration. Please submit the following information to connect with Dana and take the next step in diversity.